Plotagraph+ For iPad is Now Available in App Store

We are excited to announce the public release of Plotagraph+ For iPad, developed by the amazing team of Astea Solutions for our client Plotagraph, Inc., an image animation software company.

Plotagraph, Inc. Founders Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Scheider said, "We created Plotagraph+ to help consumers animate their own photos in a fun and easy way, bringing their images and memories back to life."

The Plotagraph+ app takes advantage of the fast processing power of the all-new iPad Pro, as well as other mobile devices with 64-bit processors, and was created with Apple’s Metal technology to unlock the device's full potential.

Plotagraph+ for iPad is available on the App Store in the US.

Plotagraph+ will soon be available for iPhone. Stay tuned!


Astea Conference 2017

We are super excited to announce the Astea's biggest event of 2017: Astea Conference 2017 is coming! The second edition of Astea Conference will take place on May, 24 — the day of the Slavonic culture.

It might be a little nerdy and quirky, but it will definitely be worthy. Experienced techies from our team will talk about new technologies, which make their life of developers easier and happier. Documentation Driven Development, End-to-End testing for interactive web applications, CSS Challenges, Future of UX — these are just a part of the topics that we will talk about.

The cherry on the cake will be the talk by Kalin Georgiev and Trifon Trifonov, who promised to share Astea’s top secret by answering to the question "Why do Clients Fall in Love with Astea".

The conference this year will be available to the outside world via a limited number of invitations and a live stream in Bulgarian. Stay tuned #asteaconf2017


And the Winner is... LINK!

December 2016 — Learning Ally's mobile app LINK has been awarded as the Best Education Mobile Application for 2016 by the Web Marketing Association.

​Astea's team developed the application in cooperation with the creative agency SOS Brooklyn for the non-profit organization Learning Ally. The mobile app is designed to transform the learning experience for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities or visual impairment. LINK is available for both mobile and desktop devices. With its flexible design and great performance, it certainly deserves this 2016 mobile award for outstanding achievement in mobile development.



Plotagraph Pro at Photofocus Expo 2016

October 2016 — Plotagraph Pro was proudly presented on Photofocus Expo 2016 in New York City -- one of the most anticipated and highly attended photography events in the world. The founders of the product themselves, Troy Plota and Sascha Scheider, were also there to demonstrate Plotagraph Pro to the public and meet potential users and business opportunities. It would be humble to say that Plotagraph Pro was in the center of the expo -- everyone was talking about it from journalist to fellow photographers or simply photo enthusiasts, in fact Plotagraph Pro was voted as one of the top ten products of 2016! We are really excited to see what will come next for one of our newest and most innovative products.


Gro iOS Released

May 2016 — Scotts Miracle-Gro, ​the​ global leader in the consumer lawn and garden ​industry just released ​the Gro Mobile App available for iOS. ​Finally dirt meets data with Gro, an app that will help you turn inspiration into action for a yard you'd love. ​Gro learns everything that's happening in your yard - weather, soil conditions,​ and more in order to inspire you with no-fail projects, timed perfectly.

​Gro is ​also ​enhanced by a​ connect​ion with the IoT​. It knows what the recent weather and rainfall has been, what types of plants are most likely to succeed in each location, and what to do at each stage of the season. Previously complex gardening tasks are now made simple by bite-sized, highly visual, personalized instructions.


NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016

April 2016 — Astea’s team won the “Best Use of Data” award at NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 — the largest hackathon in the universe. We chose to tackle the Aircheck challenge and named our solution “Boreas” after the Thracian god of north wind.

Boreas is a data visualization and analysis tool that aims to find out whether air pollution might be the cause for the recent rise of allergies. We use algorithms from statistics and artificial intelligence to check for correlation between two sets of data: NASA imagery on atmospheric conditions and crowdsourced information on allergy symptoms. Boreas also predicts how likely users are to experience allergy symptoms based on that data. For more details, check out our solution page and GitHub repository.


Astea Conference 2016

The first Astea Conference was held on March 12, 2016 at Vitosha Park Hotel, Sofia.

Twelve speakers from the company gave talks on programming, UX, testing, and other software-related topics. A full hall of Astea employees shared knowledge on Ruby, Cordova, Yesod, Docker, machine learning, and software estimation among others.

You can view a timelapse of the event as well as selected photos in the gallery on Facebook.


LiveList Android Release

February 2016 — LiveList released an Android application - a great addition to the iOS and web apps.

LiveList wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to tap into live music experiences wherever they are. For those users who have been wanting to use LiveList on-the-go and haven’t been able to because it has been iOS only - it is now available in the Google Play Store.

Astea's HackFMI award

Astea sponsors HackFMI 6

December 2015 — Astea continues being a proud sponsor of HackFMI, the signature hackathon of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. This edition's focus was smart gadgets in all shapes and sizes. And, as always, the results were amazing: in just 48 hours we saw working prototypes of TV ambient backlight, mechanical arms, smart cars and robots, you name it! It seemed like the imagination and skills of these talented young participants had no limits.

This year's clear winner is the team who took the whole "gadgets" idea pretty seriously and transformed an old Soviet Vyatka washing machine into a smart connected appliance programmable through a web interface. Very impressive indeed, and we were proud to have one of our own developers on the winning team. Astea's award goes to the team who managed to pull off a working low-cost DYI 3D scanner from commodity parts you could buy from any store.

We can't help but look forward to the next hackathon!


LiveList iOS app and website released

December 2015 — LiveList just released a new iOS application and an update to its website. With thousands of shows broadcasting live every day from all around the world, and even more platforms offering live streams, LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live music experiences on the web. The application is collecting shows from thousands of online sources and reveals to music fans when their favorite artists are performing live.

LiveList helps you discover and explore new artists matching your taste and notifies you the minute a performer you like goes live. With the mobile app you can watch the show from your device on the go. If you let the app a quick glimpse into your Spotify library or Facebook likes, it can get to know your music taste better and you will get personalized recommendations for next shows to watch.


StageIt Broadcaster App Released

November 2015 — Just in time for the holiday season, StageIt released its Broadcaster App for iOS. StageIt lets you broadcast the moments in your life as they happen and make money along the way. And it has never been as easy: all you need is your iPhone in your hands. To celebrate the event, each day until the end of the year StageIt will randomly select one lucky performer who will receive 100% of the money they make from their shows, all commission free! Android lovers will need to wait a little while, the app is coming soon…


Astea sponsors OpenFest 2015

November 2015 — Astea is a sponsor of this year’s edition of OpenFest: one of the most prominent IT events in Bulgaria celebrating free culture and open source software. Following its well-established tradition, the conference covered a variety of interesting topics presented by many renowned members of the open source community from Bulgaria and abroad. Enthusiasts swarmed the conference halls, and many chose to follow the event via the live streams on the website. We can only wish to OpenFest to continue to prove itself as the must-go event for IT professionals and to continue to raise its standards and popularity with each coming year.


Astea sponsors HackTUES 2

October 2015 — Astea sponsored this year’s edition of HackTUES. The hackathon for high-school students took place on October 9–11 and focused on environment and society. The topic was received with enormous enthusiasm by the contestants, all aged between 14 and 18. Their creative ideas and impressive coding skills produced an amazing collection of working applications, including: a game where you grow your virtual pet tree, a marketplace for recycling, and even a medical e-dossier. All of this was conceived, designed, and implemented within 48 hours. Astea’s award went to TrashSmash, the game in which the hero destroys smelly cans of unrecyclable trash with his mighty sword. The twist is in the player’s ability to level up by doing actual physical exercises, such as running 100 meters for more speed and doing push-ups for more strength.

We were genuinely impressed by the potential of this next generation of developer rock-stars and look forward to next year’s hackathon.


Link for Chromebooks released

October 2015 — Learning Ally recently released Link for Chromebooks, a Chrome-based version of the organisation’s Link e-book reader for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, or visual impairment. Astea helped in the development of the playback solution that has significantly expanded the number of students able to succeed with audiobooks. Link for Chromebooks currently has over 60 000 active users.


Polly Analytics Beta released

September 2015 — Polly Analytics is a free analytical tool that allows users to combine a state-of-the-art institutional investment process with their own investing insights.

Following the recent completion of a major development milestone, Polly Analytics is now open to anyone to sign up and use the smart portfolio recommendation platform. There are a number of exciting new features allowing users to take their Polly-generated portfolio and test it out on the real markets: either via a simulated “paper” account or by creating a managed account and investing real funds. Powered by Polly Portfolio’s hedge fund-grade investment engine, users can build portfolios by reviewing historical market data and adjusting their economic outlooks accordingly.


SocialBook WINS BookExpo America's PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD

May 2015 — SocialBook, a social reading platform developed at Astea and co-owned by Astea and publishing industry visionary, Bob Stein, was nominated as one of 20 semi-finalists in BookExpo America’s Start Up Challenge. While we unfortunately did not win the challenge, SocialBook did win the BookExpo Challenge’s People’s Choice Award for best start up!


CapThat Releases Site for Coldplay Fans

January 2015 — CapThat released the latest version of its application at the end of last year. The tool that allows you to create stunning collages from videos and pictures now enables Coldplay fans to come up with great shirts, wall-art items and accessories made with their band’s favorite logos and insignia.

Check it out at


Astea sponsors HackFmi 4.0

November 2014 — Once again Astea was a sponsor of the fourth semi-annual hackathon HackFMI, held traditionally in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University! This edition was more massive than ever — over 250 competitors in 55 teams hacked code day and night for a whole weekend and took their best shot in bringing their project ideas to life.

Speaking of projects, the reason HackFMI 4.0 was so exciting for everybody involved was its one and only rule — create a whole game from scratch! Since gaming and game development are by far the primary attraction for many children into the world of programming, our competitors could finally make those wishes come true. We were overwhelmed by an astounding wave of bold game ideas that were excellently thought through and rapidly materialized into exciting game prototypes thanks to the professional skills and passion of the teams.

And, naturally, every contest has its winners. After a careful consideration, we decided to give Astea’s special award to team “Nameless”. They created a civic hacking gamified platform for managing those irritating little things and pet peeves in our surrounding environment — for example, fixing something broken, small paint jobs, cleaning the neighborhood playground, etc. Everyone can experience a fresh bite of altruism in the form of a quest game with roleplaying elements and awards. We wish “Nameless” to keep up their good work and we hope to see their project gain a lot of popularity and attention.

Cloud4all's Smart House simulation is released

November 2014 — At the end of the third year of the Cloud4all project, Astea completed one of its major activities within the project — the Smart House Online Simulation. The quick video below is a virtual tour of a smart house, which showcases how the interfaces of various appliances adapt to users’ needs and preferences according to their profiles.

Feel free to try the simulation at explore more about the project at

Funded by the European Union

CourseKicker wins the BigApps challenge

September 2014 — CourseKicker was announced a winner of the NYC’s BigApps challenge! Among the 20 finalists in the Learn category CourseKicker was honoured with the grand prize as the best tool that allows teachers to connect, collaborate and share best practices with colleagues beyond their own schools, anywhere in the world.

CourseKicker uses social networking and crowdsourcing techniques to help teachers build strong professional networks, discover best practices, and recommend new connections and great lessons.

Congratulations to the whole CourseKicker team for the hard work and the great results!

You can find more info on the BigApps challenge and this year’s winners here.


Barnes & Noble announces Reader's Choice Awards

October 2014 — Barnes & Noble recently announced its new initiative — the Annual Reader’s Choice Newsstand Awards! For the first time readers can vote for their favorite articles in several categories. Being engineers and all, our vote goes to Popular Mechanics’ privacy tips.

Clicking the cover on the right will take you to the Promotional Article Viewer: an HTML5 reader developed from scratch by Astea on behalf of Barnes & Noble Newsstand. In addition to offering the usual features, such as quick and easy navigation and social network sharing, one of the most notable perks of the reader is that it will run in almost any browser on almost any screen! Pick your favorite — Firefox on your laptop, Safari on your iPad, or Chrome on your Android phone — all of them offer an optimized reading experience. Check out all the articles for free at!

Demonstration of Cloud4all's Smart House simulation at HCII2014

July 2014 — The HCI International 2014 conference took part in Crete, Greece on June 22-27. Astea Solutions demonstrated its work on the Smart House online simulation, part of the Cloud4all project. The audience was impressed by both the voice control prototype and the video showing prospective integration with a real smart house environment at the Polytechnical University of Madrid.

Funded by the European Union

Cloud4all at HCII2014

May 2014 — Astea will present its latest work on the Cloud4All project in the 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2014) which will take place from 22 to 27 June 2014 in Crete, Greece. Cloud4all is featured in six special sessions during the conference to demonstrate the recent advances of the project. Astea will be presenting its work on an online simulation of a smart house. More information is available in HCII’s official program. For a quick tour on the Cloud4all project, see the latest Cloud4All newsletter.

Funded by the European Union

CourseKicker is released

May 2014 — CourseKicker is a lesson discovery and sharing site for teachers. It allows teachers to:

  1. Easily and quickly find the best possible lesson plan for any subject
  2. Find videos and other materials to enhance a lesson
  3. Connect with other innovative teachers teaching the same subjects
  4. Share lessons and ideas for enhancing the classroom experience
  5. Follow how other teachers are teaching the same subject

CourseKicker’s simple yet modern interface allows for quick lesson planning and organization, easy interaction with other users, and rapid sharing. Lessons can be uploaded directly from the user’s computer or pasted in as links. Once uploaded, lessons are available live on the CourseKicker website where they can be reviewed, rated, and commented on by the members of the community. The site has a useful filtering panel, as well as a built-in search engine, which makes the lesson search fast and effective. In addition to that, all lessons can be sorted by popularity or upload date. Each lesson has a descriptive preview with screenshots and information about the subjects and the topics covered by the lesson. Lessons can be shared via most popular social networks.

SocialBook store presented in Berlin

May 2014 — “Our grandchildren will be amazed to learn that in our day reading was something one did alone”, said Bob Stein, Astea’s partner in SocialBook, at the Berlin Publishers’ Forum 2014 at which he presentedSocialBook and the newly released SocialBook Store. Instead of being yet another conventional, aggregated, online catalog, the SocialBook Store is designed to empower SocialBook’s affiliates to directly market, sell, and profit from content in their own stores. The SocialBook Store’s core feature is its book widget. It can be embedded into any website and allows for a seamless checkout process, thereby bringing the point of sale to the point of discovery. The widget to the left of this text is a live sample. A video of Bob’s talk can be found here.