Astea Solutions is a Bulgarian company that develops a wide range of software products for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. From mobile apps to AI-powered recommender systems, we have done it all — reading and authoring multimedia content, video and audio streaming, data visualization, machine learning.

For over ten years now, our partners include Fortune 500 companies such as Barnes & Noble and innovative startups like LiveList and Stageit. A few of our own products are Socialbook, LiveMargin Reader, and Sophie. We are proud of our collaboration with Sofia University and other European and US educational institutions. Our products are being used by numerous students, book enthusiasts, music lovers, and performers worldwide.


Founded in 2007, Astea is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and has an office in New York City. The company is named after Thrace’s most ancient and powerful tribe. The Astae (or Asti, as they are also known) lived during the 2nd Century BC in the Strandzha, recognized today as one of the Balkans’ most beautiful and pristine mountain ranges.

Our Team

Astea works with the best and the brightest. Our rigorously selected, highly qualified staff includes medalists from the international informatics and mathematics Olympiads and young academics doing groundbreaking work in various fields related to Information Technologies. As a result of the wide range of commercially available products Astea has engineered from concept through market release, our team possesses broad and deep expertise in all areas of digital content development. We are committed to sharing our experience as teachers with IT professionals interested in extending their knowledge.

Development center

Corporate headquarters

Astea Solutions AD
20 Lozenets Street
1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 444 8444 (main)
+359 2 862 1134 (fax)